Black Tint vs. Titanium Tint

by Maeri Claire
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Black tints paved the way for new technology that produced more advanced metallic tints such as titanium. While both have benefits, titanium tint is newer and more popular. However, black tints are available in different thicknesses and are therefore still a good choice depending on the quality of the tint installed.

UV Protection

Titanium window tint provides up to 99 percent protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays and screens out up to 60 percent of heat. Titanium tint is a hybrid tint, made from a mix of gray dye tint and metallic tint. This mixture allows titanium tint to provide a higher percentage of protection. Standard black tints are dyed tints that provide no heat protection. Instead, they absorb the heat, keeping most of the heat trapped at the window while some of it leaks into the car. Black tint has the potential to provide as much UV protection, but breaks down faster than titanium tint.


Metallic tints such as titanium look more natural than black tint since they give the glass the appearance of having been dyed, rather than having film laid over it. A common misconception is that metal tints give off a mirror look, which is not the case. Black tint will look good at first, depending on how dark a tint is used, but over time it can change to a purplish color from heat absorption.


The cost of titanium tint is higher than standard black tint because the metal tints are more expensive than the dyed tints. Some black tints start around $100 while metal tints will likely cost upward of $300 for the entire car. Considering the cost of the car and the value the tint will add by increasing the life of your interior, protecting you from the sun and keeping you cooler, it is more economical to pay for higher-end tint products.


There are legal issues surrounding both titanium and black tints. Some states allow both while other states allow only black tint and limit how much light can be blocked. It is always best to check your state laws before purchasing window tint. Illegal window tint can result in fines and forced removal of your newly installed tint.

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