How to Bullet-Proof Your Car Windows

by Amanda GronotUpdated July 26, 2023
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Many movies and modern myths emphasize that one of the safest places you can be in a chase is in a bulletproof car in a kevlar vest. However, you should know that the term bulletproof is somewhat misleading, because bulletproof glass is not completely shatterproof. Moreover, most companies will not install bullet-resistant windows with a tint without also installing other levels of protection for the rest of the car. Bullets could easily pass through an un-armored car door, a regular tire or through the gas tank, making bullet-resistant windows largely futile. In addition, bulletproof windows require significant alterations to the body of your car because of the extra weight of the polycarbonate materials. As such, you can’t DIY it; bulletproofing a car has to be done by a professional. If you’re still curious however, here’s how to bulletproof a car.

What Do You Need?

Determine what protection level you need in your windows. If you are simply looking for a little added protection from ordinary theft, you might opt for a simple film that can be installed on your current car with few modifications. However, if you require extremely solid bulletproof car windows, your car will likely need intensive automotive remodeling to accommodate for the additional weight. In that case, you will either need to purchase a new car that comes pre-armored, or you will need to take your car to a company that specializes in custom armoring. For civilians looking for extra protection, the Audi A7 is a very popular choice.

Armored Cars

Invest in an armored car if you require maximal protection and have the money. Companies like Custom Armored Vehicles or the Texas Armoring Company can build custom cars or provide you with a pre-made, high-end armored vehicle, complete with the highest caliber bullet-resistant glass as well as run-flat tires or radiator protection for extra security.

Who to Contact

Contact a company like the International Armor Corporation or Lasco International Group if you prefer to make adjustments to your own car. They will customize your car with the latest ballistic glass, which is the same thing as bullet-resistant glass, while preserving the original appearance and functionality of your car.

Bullet Resistant Film

Install a bullet-resistant film as the most affordable and lightest alternative. In 2004, a company called Window Armor began selling a security laminate by the same name, which is installed on the inside of your car window and can protect you against average weapons like clubs and handguns. It’s available through certain car dealerships, so contact yours to see if it is available in your area. It must be installed by a trained mechanic, but the process usually only takes about an hour. Be sure to apply the material to the side windows in the door panels for extra protection, not just on the front window.


No window or vehicle can be 100 percent bulletproof.

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