Can I Put Wax on My Car Windows?

by Julie Maria Anderson
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Many people wonder whether it is a good idea or recommended to wax their car windows. Care and regular maintenance of a car is important, and certainly a significant part of that maintenance is washing and waxing your vehicle.

It can be confusing to walk into an auto-parts store and try to figure out what wax and cloths to buy. You may wonder how much wax to use. You may even question whether wax really can be used to shine and buff your cars windows, as well as the body of the car.

Wax or Polish

When you think of applying car wax to your windows, it is important to know what you are using to wax your car. Some people equate polish to wax, but they are two different things. states that car polish contains Teflon and can last for up to a year. On the other hand, car wax is a mixture of carnauba and other waxes. For windows, car wax is recommended over car polish.

Before You Wax

Before you even think of waxing your windows, recommends that you ought to wash your car thoroughly, including the windows, with a car soap. You should not use detergent, and after washing, you must rinse thoroughly with a hose. It will not do much good to wax a filthy car or dirty windows.

Paste or Liquid

You may wonder whether it is advisable to purchase paste wax or liquid wax for your car. states that paste is easier to control, and liquid requires less elbow work to apply. If your car is less than three years old, the liquid is an easier and adequate choice for waxing your car or your car's windows

Waxing Windows

Many people have heard that it is a poor idea to wax car windows. On the contrary, states that waxing car windows will work fabulously to help repel rain and quiet your window wipers. You should apply a very light coat of car wax to your car windows and be sure to buff it off completely.

Frequency of Waxing

It is recommended to wax your car and car windows at least twice a year. recommends waxing in the late fall and the early spring.

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