How to Remove Scratches from a Car Mirror

by Editorial Team
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If you have a scratched mirror, or even glass, did you know that you can buff it out yourself for a fraction of the cost of having it professionally repaired or replaced? You probably already have all of the supplies you will need to do this yourself at home.

Step 1

Clean the mirror or glass well using your everyday glass cleaner and lint free towel, or use a mixture of ammonia and water instead of the glass cleaner.

Step 2

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Apply a small amount of the jewelers rouge or everyday whitening toothpaste to the scratch. While wearing the dust mask, lightly buff the scratched area. Don't apply too much pressure or you may weaken the glass.

Step 3

Clean the area and check for scratches. If they are still visible, repeat the process up to 2 more times. Light scratches should be mostly gone by now. Deeper scratches may not be able to be buffed out with this process.

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