How to Fix Peeling Car Window Tint

by Eli Laurens

Automotive window tint film can peel as the glue dries out and hardens from exposure. The tint film can be repaired, selectively replaced or entirely reapplied. If the peel is small enough, then a sectional replacement is recommended. The average weekend tint technician can repair peeling tint film in about 30 minutes.

Step 1

Section the peeling area off by carefully cutting around it to the edge of the window with the razor blade. Window tint film has two layers so be sure to cut all the way to the glass. Slice a line that separates the peel from the undamaged tint.

Step 2

Spray the section with water, getting it into the fresh cuts. Daub up the excess with a towel. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners and be sure it is distilled water. The water will soften the glue without dissolving it.

Step 3

Cut around the section with the razor blade turned flat, pushing the blade underneath the tint film. Lift the damaged section a small bit at a time, spraying more water when it begins to dry out. Let the window sit for a moment after spraying to let the tint film soak in the water.

Step 4

Clean off any excess glue particles with the razor and your finger, pushing the collected glue into removable balls. Be sure to not damage the unaffected section of tint. Wipe the glass with a lint-free towel and allow it to dry.

Step 5

Cut a section of window tint film slightly larger than the section of exposed glass with the razor blade. The tint film should be larger by a half inch on all sides.

Step 6

Spray the window glass section with water, then peel the clear plastic backing from the tint film; quickly place the glue side of the tint film against the wet glass and position it.

Step 7

Squeegee out the air bubbles by starting at the center and working outwards to the edge of the tint film section. Spray the tint with water and re-squeegee it if necessary.

Step 8

Cut the edges of the tint film to match the undamaged tint with the razor blade. The closer the edges are to the undamaged tint, the more professional the tint repair will look. Allow the tint to cure for 24 hours before cleaning it.

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