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How to Apply 3M Scotchcal Film

by Darci Pauser

Scotchcal is a film manufactured by the 3M company. It is coated on one side with a strong adhesive that will not damage auto paint. Scotchcal is available in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Transparent Scotchcal can be used as a paint protector or as an adhesive surface for the printing of auto graphics. Scotchcal Graphic film is available in a variety of colors and is ideal for creating patterns and stripes on vehicle surfaces.

Clean the area thoroughly and wipe it with rubbing alcohol. Allow the rubbing alcohol to dry.

Measure the area to be treated and cut the necessary amount of adhesive film.

Tape the film on one end to the edge of the surface to be treated, which will serve as a hinge and will hold the piece of film in place.

Beginning in one corner, peel the backing off of the film.

Spray the adhesive with a solution of three drops of detergent to one quart of water.

Squeegee the top surface of film to firmly adhere it to the surface, squeezing most of the liquid out from underneath.

If bubbles form under the film, poke it with a straight pin and squeegee the air out.


  • Adhere Scotchcal in temperatures between 55 and 90 degrees. If applying multiple adjacent stripes, overlap them six to 12 millimeters.

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