How to Apply 3M Scotchcal Film

by Darci Pauser
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Scotchcal is a film manufactured by the 3M company. It is coated on one side with a strong adhesive that will not damage auto paint. Scotchcal is available in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Transparent Scotchcal can be used as a paint protector or as an adhesive surface for the printing of auto graphics. Scotchcal Graphic film is available in a variety of colors and is ideal for creating patterns and stripes on vehicle surfaces.

Step 1

Clean the area thoroughly and wipe it with rubbing alcohol. Allow the rubbing alcohol to dry.

Step 2

Measure the area to be treated and cut the necessary amount of adhesive film.

Step 3

Tape the film on one end to the edge of the surface to be treated, which will serve as a hinge and will hold the piece of film in place.

Step 4

Beginning in one corner, peel the backing off of the film.

Step 5

Spray the adhesive with a solution of three drops of detergent to one quart of water.

Step 6

Squeegee the top surface of film to firmly adhere it to the surface, squeezing most of the liquid out from underneath.

Step 7

If bubbles form under the film, poke it with a straight pin and squeegee the air out.

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