How to Take a Driver's Permit Practice Test

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Before you attempt to get your driver's permit, you'll want to take a few practice tests. A permit practice test gives you a better idea of the types of questions on the written test so you can prepare and pass the exam. Once you have a permit, you can get behind the wheel and start learning to drive.

Find a virtual driver's permit practice test. If you want to complete a permit practice test without taking a driver education course, you can find many free practice tests online. Go to Driving School Directory to take one of any ten free practice tests (see Resources).

Take a driver's education course. Whether you take a driver's education course online or in school, the instructor can provide you with practice tests. Look into online driver education courses through Driver's Ed.

Pick up a manual at the DMV. Your department of motor vehicles provides a manual with practice test questions and exams.

Study for the actual driving permit exam. After you have completed the practice test, you'll receive a score. Go back and study the questions you answered wrong to improve your future score.


  • check Since driving laws vary from state to state, you'll want to take a practice permit exam that reflects your state's driving laws.
  • check If you don't benefit from a free permit practice test, look into purchasing software that helps you study for and take permit practice exams.

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