Suzuki Marauder Seat Removal

by Richard Ristow
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The seat of your Suzuki Marauder can undergo a great deal of wear and tear if you ride the motorcycle frequently. You can repair seams, cracks, rips and splits in a seat, but a time will come when you must remove and replace it---especially with older motorcycles. Removing the Marauder's seat only involves loosening a few screws; you can have the seat off in a matter of minutes.

Step 1

Insert the Marauder's ignition key into the seat lock, and turn the key to unlock it.

Step 2

Look carefully at the rear seat bolt, which sits just behind the rear seat. You need either a socket wrench or a screwdriver with an appropriate tip to remove this bolt, depending on whether you bought the motorcycle used and the previous owner customized the seat.

Step 3

Pull the rear seat strap forward, then off the rear seat.

Step 4

Pull the rear seat up and from the Marauder. After doing so, you will reveal two screws at the rear of the front seat. Remove these screws.

Step 5

Lift up the front seat, and undo the tab near the full tank to detach the front seat.

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