How to Remove a Rear Seat From a Nissan Quest

by Ken Parelius
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The third-row seat in your Nissan Quest minivan makes it simple to create extra space when you need it. Older Quests have removable second-row seats and a third-row seat that folds and slides forward. More recent Quests have second-row seats that fold nearly flat into the floor and a rear seat that folds but does not slide. If you want to haul really large objects in a Quest, you may need to remove the third-row seat. Because there is no quick release lever, removal of the Quest's rear seat will require a few basic tools and the help of a friend or two.

Step 1

Park the van in a level place, turn off the engine and activate the parking brake. Open the rear hatch and a side door so you can access the third-row seat from both the side and the rear of the Quest.

Step 2

Using the ratchet and the correct-size socket, remove the four bolts that attach the rear of the third-row seat to the floor of the van. There are two bolts on the left and two bolts on the right, and they pass through the bottom of the bench seat leg.

Step 3

Remove the two bolts from the front of the seat legs the same way you took out the rear bolts. Do this from the front of the seat. To access the bolts, remove the plastic covers from them using a Phillips screwdriver. The seat is now free of the floor.

Step 4

Pull the seat back about 3 feet, then turn it sideways to take it out of the rear of the Quest. Have one or two people help you with this; the seat is heavy, bulky and not balanced well. You may hurt yourself or drop the seat, damaging it, if you try to lift it out by yourself.

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