How to Best Store a Travel Trailer

by J. Johnson

Travel trailers hook to the back of your vehicle, giving you a place to stay on your camping trips. But when you're not out on the road, you need to store your trailer. Because laws prevent you from parking an RV on the street and most garages aren't big enough to store one, you'll need storage plan so your travel trailer will be ready to go the next time a camping trip rolls around.


Clean the inside of the travel trailer thoroughly when you are finished using it. Remove all perishable items.


Dry everything. The slightest bit of moisture inside the travel trailer can turn into a major mold problem. Open all cabinets and drawers to keep air circulating through the entire unit.


Lock your travel trailer. Just because you don't have any valuables inside doesn't mean there are not items that could be stolen.


Store the travel trailer in a nearby RV storage area, if one is available and you can afford the fee. If not, keep the trailer in your garage--if it's big enough--or under a shelter. If you can't get your travel trailer under a shelter, buy a cover to put over it. Camping World, The Tarp and Cover Superstore, and Tarps Plus (see Resources) are three online stores that sell these covers.


Check your travel trailer every few weeks if you are storing it for a long time. This way, you can be sure it stays in good condition, not taking the risk that you may have forgotten to check something.


  • check Know your city's laws in regard to storing an RV. Some cities have extremely strict laws that limit your options for storage. Your city's Department of Zoning will be able to provide you with the information you need.

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