How to Start a Nissan Murano

by Dave Baker NYC

In days past, you could simply insert a metal key into the ignition of your car, turn the key and fire up the engine. Not so with the Nissan Murano, which features a push-button ignition. This is progress--no more fumbling around with keys. The only trick is that your "intelligent key" (the factory-programmed key fob) must be in the immediate vicinity. This prevents the dangerous situation of just anyone being able to push one button to start your car.


Have your key fob with you inside the car.


Press and hold down the brake pedal.


Push and release the "Start/Stop" ignition button with your finger or thumb. That will start the Murano.


Push and release "Start/Stop" again while the car is in "Park" to turn off the engine.


  • check If the key fob battery is low, insert the key fob into the key port near the steering wheel. This will not charge the battery, but will allow you to use the one-touch ignition start button. Replace the key fob battery as soon as possible.

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