How to Start a Car With a Keyless Remote

by Kenneth W. Michael Wills

Once you install a keyless remote system on your vehicle, you will need to program the system so that you can start your vehicle. Once you program the system with your remote, you can start your car remotely. Keep in mind most keyless remote systems usually work only within a few hundred feet. As long as you are within range, you can start the vehicle from inside your house.

Read your keyless remote system user's manual to determine which button on your remote is the "valet" button. You will also need to locate the programming instruction for your particular system. Programming instructions and remote key layouts will vary by the keyless remote system.

Program your keyless remote's "valet" function. The valet function will allow you to start your car remotely. Follow the programming instructions provided by your user's manual, exactly as given. Keep in mind most systems will have a time limit of 10 to 20 seconds between commands. If you take too long to enter the commands, your system may exit from the programming mode. You will need to have your car keys and must program the system from within your car.

Get out of your car and return to your house. Press the "valet" button on your keyless remote to test whether it is working. If all is well, your car will start. From now on, to start your car with the keyless remote, simply press your "valet" button.

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