Specifications for an IH 404 Farm Tractor

by Gregory Crews

The International Harvester 404 tractor was first made in 1961 and produced until 1968. This farm tractor was available with a variety of attachments to help make work simpler. The IH 404's basic design and retail price of $3,300 made this a choice tractor in the 1960s.


The engine in an International Harvester 404 was a C-135 model four-cylinder. This naturally aspirated gasoline engine had a bore/stroke of 3.25 inches by 4.0625 inches, and a 134.8 cubic-inch displacement. The tractor engine was air-cooled and took 15 qt. of coolant. Oil capacity was 7 qt.


The IH 404 tractor's transmission had four forward gears and one reverse gear. The clutch was a nine-inch dry disc. The transmission also powered the rear PTO gears. The International Harvester 404 tractor only came in two-wheel drive.


The IH 404 weighed 3,260 lbs. and measured 94 inches long. The tractor's wheelbase was 75.4 inches; the height was 60.5 inches. Front tire tread was 52 inches to 76 inches, and 48 inches to 76 inches in the rear.


The fuel tank had a capacity of 16.2 gallons for regular gasoline or 19 gallons for LP-gas. The IH 404 had power steering and differential mechanical disc brakes. The cab had an open operator station. The tractor had three different variations: the IH 404 was built on an utility chassis, the Farmall 404 was a row crop chassis and the 2404 had an industrial chassis.

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