The Specifications of a 1929 Ford Model A

by Andy Joseph

After enjoying the success of the Model T--acclaimed as the first affordable passenger car--Ford Motor Company introduced its successor, the Model A, in 1927. The 1929 model year appeared in the middle of the car's four-year production run. That model year is notable for being produced at the same time that Ford sold its two millionth Model A, symbolizing the immense popularity of the vehicle.

Trims and Body Styles

The 1929 Ford Model A consisted of several trims and body styles. Its coupes comprised a base model, with two other choices between the sports-oriented RS Sport Coupe and the executive-styled Business Coupe. Convertibles were split between the RS trim or one without a retractable roof, like the Roadster RS. The Phaeton was designed like a mechanical carriage. Station wagon and taxi versions of the 1929 Model A were also available.

Engines and Performance

The 1929 Ford Model A had a 3.3-liter in-line four-cylinder engine. Horsepower was measured at 40 horses at 2206 revolutions per minute (RPM), while torque was measured at 128 foot-pounds at 1000 RPM. The engine's compression ratio was 4.22 to 1, and the car could travel up to 120 miles per hour.

Transmission and Gas Tank

The standard transmission of the 1929 Ford Model A was a three-speed manual, which was a lever-operated sliding gear unit with a dry multiple disc clutch. The vehicle featured a 10-gallon gas tank, which was located directly--and dangerously so--above the feet and legs of the driver and front seat passenger.

Interior and Exterior

The 1929 Ford Model A had a rear-wheel drive drivetrain, with four wheel brakes. For the ignition, it used a Kettering-type battery-and-coil system, and it had a water pump to circulate engine coolant. Safety glass was also installed in replacement of the comparatively more solid plate glass; this was due to the severe injuries an engineer sustained after being propelled through the windshield during a crash test.

Price and Production Figures

Depending on trim and body type, the 1929 Ford Model A had a retail price range of $455 to $795. Ford produced more than 1.5 million 1929 Model As, most of which were coupes and roadsters. The taxis and station wagons comprised the lowest production numbers.

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