How to Get the Spare Wheel Cover Back on a Toyota Prado

by Matthew Fortuna

Like many vehicles, the Toyota Prado features spare tire racks on the back of the vehicle. These spare tires can be decorated or protected with spare tire covers that will both keep the tire clean and will add some extra style to your vehicle. You can get the tire cover on your spare wheel in just seconds using the right methods.

Step 1

Turn the tire cover inside out and hold it up to your tire. Be sure the top of the cover is positioned near the top of your wheel.

Step 2

Hold the bottom of the cover with one hand and use the other hand to bend the cover over the top of the wheel. Stretch it over the tire until it covers the entire top of the wheel and fits snugly.

Step 3

Use both hands to stretch the bottom of the cover around the bottom of the tire. Be sure to stretch it just underneath to the rear side of the tire, and make sure it fits snugly onto the entire bottom. The side flaps should then fall into place over the sides of the wheel.

Step 4

Pull the edges as far as possible to the right and the left and stretch it as tight as possible over the face of the tire. Secure both sides behind the tire just as you did the top and the bottom.

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