Should I Buy a Mazda Extended Warranty?

by Ben LeDoux

If you are one of the majority of the population who hates going through the hassle of figuring out what is wrong with your car and doing the guess and check work of repair yourself, then an extended manufacturer's warranty for your Mazda vehicle is for you. Some people see warranties as overpriced insurance plans that you will never use, but that isn't the case when a part goes out or a window stops working.

What is an extended warranty?

A warranty is an insurance protection plan that covers the majority parts of your car that are not designed to go out or break. For example, replaceable items such as brakes, air filters and tires are not applicable under an extended warranty. Air hoses, the brake master cylinder and a power window regulator, however, are covered under this plan. Buying an extended warranty after your factory warranty is up ensures that many of the problems you could potentially face after your warranty is up will not be as big of a headache as they possibly could be. Extended warranties only last for a certain amount of miles and can be purchased through your local Mazda dealership. It would be best to do your research and check with a few as many rates will change due to the gross the dealership is looking to earn on top of the actual cost. Also be weary that the warranty they are offering you is a Mazda warranty and not one for their specific dealership otherwise you could find yourself out of your hard-earned money and only able to take your car to that dealership which may not perform the work up to your standards. A true Mazda extended warranty will mean it will transfer across every Mazda dealership in America no matter where you break down.

What Mazda Covers

Mazda's total care extended warranty (a manufacturer's warranty) is a dream. It covers every single system in the car's infrastructure and also includes towing and rental car reimbursement, trip interruption service, road hazard, tire and wheel protection and can be transferred in case you sell the car. So, no matter what part of your car breaks within this warranty, it will be covered under the warranty. That is not to say that they will cover something like a headlight if you hit something or a seal because you broke it fixing your car, but if something goes out without you having tampered with it, this warranty will cover the inspection, removal and repair of the part. While many of the warranty procedures will be free, some unfortunately require a warranty fee depending on the price. Check with your representative to see what skeletons are hiding in the fine print of what you sign and make sure you get all the facts before signing on to something that you do not agree with.


This warranty will keep unneeded headaches away. The most interaction with the vehicle's problems that you should expect is simply dropping off the keys at the dealership and waiting for your Mazda to be fixed. While not every visit may be this easy, in the majority of cases, you will be happy that you bought the extended warranty rather than shelling out the money from your pocket to fix something that could easily be avoided with this warranty. Never take one opinion on this subject; located in the references are many stories of customers who have used the extended warranty program or have useful information that may help you the next time you stop in to buy a car and wonder whether buying a warranty will be worth it or not.

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