How to Sell Used Cars Online

by Diana Doherty

If you have a used car you need to get rid of, chances are you would rather sell it than trade it in. Dealerships offer less than selling a vehicle on your own. One of the best ways to sell a used car is advertising online. Advertising in a local newspaper or simply putting a sign on your vehicle doesn't ensure that many people will see it. However, putting your car up for sale online can help your ad reach a much wider audience.

Determine the value of your vehicle by going to the Kelly Blue Book website. This will give you an idea of what your asking price for your used car should be (see Resources below).

Take photos of your car and close up photos of any damage. This is optional, but ads with photos tend to attract more possible buyers.

Write a description of your car. Note all aftermarket accessories it may have, all factory-installed options such as power seats or windows, as well as engine size and anything else you may deem pertinent. You may also want to mention what gas mileage the vehicle currently gets. Don't forget to include your contact information.

Place your ad in more than one place. Some websites charge a fee for placing ads. Auto Trader gets loads of Internet traffic, so it may be worth your while to pay the small price to place your ad. eBay motors is free for an account and also gets a lot of traffic. If you're looking for a low cost place to list your vehicle, that may be the right place for you (see Resources below).

Double check the accuracy of all the information in your ad before placing it. You wouldn't want to pay $20 to run an ad with the wrong phone number attached to it.


  • check When using Kelly Blue Book, make sure you look at the "Private Party Value." That is the price you should be able to get for your vehicle.


  • close eBay does charge a fee for placing an ad and photos. Make sure your are aware of exactly what cost your will accrue before posting your ad there.

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