How to Sell an RV on eBay

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If you're thinking of unloading that Airstream, eBay might be the easiest way to sell it. Selling your RV on eBay is easier than trying to sell it through the classifieds. But you need to keep in mind that there are several significant differences selling through an online auction site like eBay. Here's how to sell your RV on eBay so you can reclaim that space in your driveway.

Navigate to eBay and click the "Motors" tab. Here eBay has tons of sellers' tips for a successful auction so be sure to take the time to read those tips before you sell your RV.

Check closed auctions for the year, class and type of RV you want to sell. This will give you a good idea where to price your RV and what your type of RV is selling for.

Decide whether you want to sell your RV as an online auction or at a fixed price through eBay. Choosing the fixed price format is sometimes preferable to an auction for larger ticket items like RVs since it also includes a "best offer" option. An auction price usually starts low to encourage bidding, but if the bid price never gets to fair market value, you may loose money on your investment.

Take lots of pictures. Selling an RV in a virtual setting like eBay requires giving your potential buyers a good look at what they are bidding on. Be prepared to offer lots of pictures on eBay as well as other pictures if people email you and ask for specific photos of the RV.

State the delivery arrangements when you sell your RV on eBay. You might decide to deliver the RV yourself for a fee, or ask that the buyer arrange for delivery of the RV. Ether way, make sure you clearly state the delivery instructions on your auction or sales page so the buyer understands what's expected if he wins the auction.


  • check Make sure you're familiar with eBay's rating and communication tools. Potential buyers like when their questions are answered quickly using the communication tools.

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