How to Sell a Junked Car in Massachusetts

by Pam Gaulin

A junked car may not be completely worthless in Massachusetts. The car may not run and it may not be worth any trade in value at a Bay State car dealership, but you can make some money off the vehicle when you deal with a junkyard or scrap metal salvage busines in Massachusetts. Because Massachusetts drivers tend to have winter cars or "beaters" there is a market for used car parts from a variety of makes and models. Some junkyards will tow the junked car away for you, as well as pay you for the vehicle.

Take off the license plate and scrape off the registration sticker as well. Return the license plates to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles nearest you. Locate an office at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles website.

Produce a copy of the vehicle title which you will need to give to the Massachusetts junkyard tower. If you do not have a copy of the vehicle's title, write to Duplicate Titles Department, Registry of Motor Vehicles, P.O. Box 55885, Boston, MA 02205-5885. You will also need to send a check for $25. Allow for 10 days of processing. This can also be done at the local Massachusetts registry office.

Remove any items of value from the vehicle including CD players and personal items. Also remove basic items including floor mats or trunk protectors if they are in re-usable condition. Remove any identifying information from the car, including parking lot stickers for work, a military base or a college parking lot. Remember to remove your FastLane pass if you have one, or you will have to pay for another one to use the FastLanes for Massachusetts tolls.

Call a junkyard in Central Massachusetts, if that is close to where the car is located. Call Frankenstein's Recycling at (508) 831-7570 or visit the Frankensteinsrecycling website. Other junkyard options for Central Massachusetts residents include Dead Horse Towing, and Dead Horse Towing.

Contact a junkyard in the Boston area to sell your junked car in that region. Some junkyards and car part dealers buying broken vehicles include Anchor Used Auto Parts in Lawrence. Call (978) 687.2328. Or contact Nationwide Auto Recycling in Lancaster at (866) 534-0477.


  • check Call around for the best rates that include towing.


  • close Call the junkyards offering free towing and money, not just the ones who will pick up your car for free without paying you.

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