How to Sell a Car in Ontario

by Joshua Duvauchelle

Ontario is an eastern province in Canada and home to some of Canada's largest cities (e.g. Toronto), including the capital of Canada (Ottawa). So, there is a large market for used and new cards in Ontario. Learn how to sell a car in Ontario to get the highest return on your automobile investment, as well as how to navigate Ontario's complex provincial regulations and laws regarding selling a car.

Obtain a copy of your vehicle registration permit. This permit should be with all of your vehicle records. If you've lost your copy, call the Ontario Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre at 1 (800) 387-3445).

Check that the vehicle identification number on your car matches the identification number displayed on your car registration permit. Any discrepancies in your vehicle records must be corrected before you attempt to sell it. Contact the Ontario Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre (see Step 1) if you notice any discrepancies with the vehicle information recorded on your Ontario permit.

Buy a Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office (see Resources). The UVIP is required and you may not legally sell a car in Ontario until you have purchased the package. The UVIP contains all the information a potential buyer may want to know regarding the car you're selling, including its registration history in Ontario; sales history (including the original cost); Ontario tax information on the vehicle; and whether there are any applicable debts or loans on the car.

Advertise your car locally and province-wide. Your local newspaper will have a classified ad section for selling automobiles (e.g. the "Ottawa Citizen" in the city of Ottawa). Ads in larger, province-wide newspapers (e.g. the "Globe & Mail") will be more expensive, but may garner you a larger response.

Show your car to prospective buyers. Ontario's provincial laws require you to show the buyer the Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) at all times.

Fill out the Bill of Sale in the UVIP when you sell the car.

Sign the Application for Transfer to transfer ownership of the car to the buyer.

Make a copy of all paperwork for your own records after completing the sale.

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