How to Sell a Car Fast in Oregon

by Randall Shatto

Selling a car can be a fairly long process. You need to find potential buyers, and the buyers must come over to look at or test-drive your vehicle and then negotiate on the price. Some people try and sell there car for months before the right buyer comes along. However, with the right preparation and marketing, you can sell your car fast in the state of Oregon.

Preparing the Car

Repair any minor problems the vehicle may have. This could include dents, broken lights and minor leakage in the oil or transmission fluid as well as brakes. If you have knowledge of cars, you can complete the minor details by yourself with minimal pocket money. If you have to take your car somewhere to be fixed up, this will cost a bit more. However, you will be able to sell your car faster when the minor details are taken care of.

Clean the interior of the car. The first impression someone has of a car is tidiness and wear on the interior. Repair any seat damage. Sew the material, replace the vinyl or purchase inexpensive seat covers. Vacuum and wash the floor boards, ashtray and under-the-seat area so they are spotless. Clean the dashboard and windows to a perfect shine.

Wash the exterior of the car. Pay close attention to the tires, underneath areas and windows. After the wash is taken care of, waxing should be the next step. Hand-dry the car for a spot-free shine. When you leave your car in a dusty or rainy area, cover it with a car cover and have the for sale sign on the outside. This way, your car will stay shinning for each viewing.

Check the tags and other paperwork you have for the car. To sell your car fast in Oregon, your tags should be current and up to date. You should also have the manual and registration in the glove compartment. The title of the car should be all ready to go.

Selling the Car

Drive your vehicle. If you drive around town with a large sign in the back seat window, you will gain more interest. Potential buyers will see that the car is functional and in good condition, and they will notice any large dents while you are driving around. When you create the sign for the window, make sure the number to reach you is in large print.

Park your car in a vacant or public lot near a busy street. This will draw in more buyers to stop and simply look at the vehicle. Of course, they will need to call ahead to see if the car is in proper working order, but most buyers look at the interior as well as the exterior before wanting to test the functionality of the car. If the party is really interested, they may call you from their cell phone directly at the car you want to sell. Beware of signs saying you cannot park or sell you car from certain locations. Your vehicle may be towed if you park in the wrong area.

Call or find your local newspaper online. Oregon has several newspapers around the state. The website lists newspapers from every town and city that can be found online. Place an ad in as many newspapers as you can. This includes your local area and maybe in larger more populated towns. "The Oregonian" covers the metro Portland and the surrounding areas. Smaller newspapers in Portland and the suburbs include the "Portland Tribune," "Tigard Times" and the "Beaverton Valley Times." In central Oregon, you can find "The Bulletin" (Bend), "Central Oregonian" (Prineville) and the "Redmond Spokesman." In eastern Oregon, look for such papers as "East Oregonian" (Pendleton), "Hermiston Herald" and "Baker City Herald." In southern Oregon, you can advertise your car in "Mail Tribune" (Medford), "Herald and News" (Klamath Falls) and "Daily Tidings" (Ashland). The western newspapers, including the valley and the coast, consist of "Statesman Journal" (Salem), "Register Guard" (Eugene), "Democrat Herald" (Albany), "Daily Astorian" (Astoria), "News Times" (Newport) and "The World" (Coos Bay).

Place an ad on Craigslist, a popular classified found in Oregon and other states alike. You can post a free ad explaining the kind of car you have, the condition it is in, any problems that the potential buyer may experience and the price you are seeking.

List your car on eBay, an auction house designed to sell any item you have quickly and effectively. They have a special auto section designed for car, truck, boat and trailer sales.


  • check Remember, personal car sales are "as is." However, you cannot intentionally make fraudulent statements of the condition of the car.


  • close Never take checks when selling your car. Cash is usually the preferred method when taking a payment. Also, unless you know and are comfortable with the person, do not take payments.
  • close Do not sign the title until the cash payment is in hand. Once the title is signed, anyone can take it to the DMV and have it transferred into his name.

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