How to Sell a Broken Car

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Selling a broken car is actually relatively easy these days. The aftermarket value on cars usually isn't great, but thanks to recycling car parts and scrap metal, there are plenty of opportunities to sell broken vehicles.

Go online to Under the "find" section, type in "salvage yards." Then under "location," type in your area (see Resources below).

Scroll down the places provided. Most places have a small ad where they tell you whether they actually buy junked/broken cars or if they simply tow them.

Select a salvage yard that specifically indicates that they buy cars. Call them to get a quote.

Get your car title and your ID. Most salvage places will not buy a vehicle unless you can prove that you actually own it.

Make arrangements with the salvage yard to have them come tow your car.


  • check If you cannot find a salvage yard in your immediate area that buys broken cars, broaden the location area to your state. There are usually several salvage places that operate all over a state.


  • close Most salvage yards will tow your car for free. Be wary if someone indicates they want to charge you, even a small amount, to tow your car.

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