How to sell your vehicle using Kelly Blue Book used car values

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Kelly Blue Book is the stand for used car values and used car pricing. Depending on how the vehicle runs, any mechanical problems and overall condition of car will determine the Kelly Blue Book used car value. When deciding to sell your vehicle, the Kelly Blue Book used car value should be the starting point when determining the your used car value and asking price. There are steps and tricks to the trade which will sell your at or very close to your asking price.

Even if you are the one selling the vehicle, you should always get a Carfax report of the vehicle before trying to sell it. Of course this isn't necessary if you have been the only owner of the vehicle. If there have been previous owners, a Carfax report will bring to light any previous accidents the car may have been in. You yourself might be surprised that your car was in an accident or had major repairs before you ever owned it. Having a very recent Carfax report to show potential buyers says a lot about your credibility and the fact that you have nothing to hide about the vehicle.

If you have any maintenance records for the vehicle, have them ready to show any potential buyer. For example if you just got the brakes completely done or installed a new Timing Belt/Chain, this will save the new owner money in the future and they will be more willing to pay Kelly Blue Book Value or very close to it. Even if you don't have maintenance records but work was done on the vehicle, contact the mechanic who did the work. Many of them save maintenance records and you can probably get a copy of the records.

Ensure that the vehicle is in the "condition" you are intending to sell it at. If for example you are using the Kelly Blue Book Value for the vehicle in "Good" condition, make sure it really is in "Good" condition.

Last detail you need to ensure happens is to make sure the vehicle is spotless inside and out. Detail it yourself or have it done professionally. After the vehicle is detailed, put an air freshener in the car to ensure a good, clean smell. Nothing too strong but just enough to send a message to any potential buyer that you took the time to clean the and make sure it smells good when they buy it.

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