How to Sell a Motorcycle

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You have a motorcycle that you don't want anymore. Maybe you want to purchase a newer model, or just clean out your garage. Before selling your motorcycle, think things through and prepare. A little time and preparation will maximize your profit and help you sell the motorcycle more quickly.

Decide your sales strategy. There are many places you can sell a motorcycle. Choose online sites such as eBay or Craigslist, local publications and newspapers, make fliers, or do a combination of all three. Select a method that works for you. Someone who is not comfortable making transactions over the internet might do well to stick to local publications and fliers.

Learn the value of your motorcycle. If it is a custom bike, the value will be more subjective. If your motorcycle is stock, check Kelley Blue Book to determine market value. Price your motorcycle accordingly. Many factors will affect sales price, but this will help you set a price range that will be most accurate.

Prepare your motorcycle. Make any affordable repairs to make the bike more desirable to potential buyers. A $50 repair may not be something you want to do, but it will increase the value of the motorcycle to someone intending to purchase the motorcycle. Clean and shine it. If your motorcycle looks good, it will sell faster than one that is less attractive. The time and effort put into a good cleaning and waxing will reward the seller with more profit.

Make sure you have the title readily available. If you have a lien on your motorcycle, you need to disclose this prior to making the sale. If you don't have the title, obtain a new copy so that the sales transaction will be completed quickly. No one wants to wait on a title when purchasing a new vehicle.

Photograph your motorcycle from a variety of angles. To sell your motorcycle on the internet; great photographs are a must. Your audience could be located anywhere and likely will not be able to casually come and take a look at your bike. Good photographs provide information that may turn a casual inquiry into a sale.

Write a description of your motorcycle, prepare your fliers and post your information online if desired. Read information available on the website you plan on using to determine the process. Each website is different and will have specific processes and regulations.

Post fliers in local motorcycle dealerships and shops. Most of these businesses will provide a bulletin board for you to use. This is a good place to find buyers in the market for a different motorcycle.

Wait for contact from interested buyers. Make sure your contact information is correct. If you receive an inquiry, answer it promptly. If you do not get back with someone in a timely manner, they may already have purchased another motorcycle while waiting on you.

Be prepared for any offers you may receive. Decide ahead of time whether you will accept checks or other payment such as Paypal. Set a bottom line price if there is a dollar amount you must receive and stick to it.


  • close If accepting payment through check or other method, make sure the funds are there before handing over the title.

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