Security Features of Honda Civic Keys

by Chyrene Pendleton
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The many benefits of owning a Honda Civic include the transponder anti-theft system, which became popular during 1999 as an effective car security system. The Honda Civic keys and the Immobilzer System work together to help prevent theft of your car. However, losing your key can be quite costly to replace. Remember to ask the dealer whether a used Civic has a transponder system before purchasing the car, and find out whether you can get extra keys.

Master Keys

The master key for your Honda Civic fits every lock on your car, including the ignition, all of the doors, the trunk and the trunk release handle. All Honda Civic EX, EX-L, SI, LX and Canadian DX-G and LX models come with two master keys with remote transmitters. The U.S. DX model comes with two black master keys without the remote transmitter. Whenever you leave your car alone, always take the master key and valet key with you.

Valet Keys

Your Honda Civic valet key only works in the ignition and the driver's door lock. On U.S. DX models only, you can use the valet key to open the passenger door as well. When you drive into a parking area to leave your car, give the valet key to the attendant after you lock the trunk and trunk release handle with your master key. Keep the master key with you.

Electronic Circuits

All Honda Civic keys contain electronic circuits. You will not find batteries inside of these keys; do not try to open the keys, which can damage the circuits. If the electronic circuits do become damaged, either from spilling liquid on them, placing something heavy on top of them, dropping the keys or setting them out in direct sunlight, the keys will not be able to start the engine of your car.

Immobilzer System

The Immobilizer System activates the electronic circuits of your Civic keys to protect your Honda Civic from theft. Only the master key or valet key can start your car when properly coded; otherwise, the fuel system becomes disabled.

The Immobilizer System indicator light comes on for a few seconds, then it goes out when you turn the ignition switch to the "On (II)" position. The Immobilizer System light will blink if it cannot recognize the key coding. This can happen if you have the correctly coded key but you also have other immobilizer keys on the same key ring or a metal key fob, or if metals from other keys get in the way while you try to start the engine. Use a key fob made of leather or plastic, and keep other keys away from the ignition and your master or valet key while starting your Honda.

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