Saturn Sunroof Problems

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During the 1980s, compact cars became prominent mainly because of their affordable price and efficient driving performance. The first compact cars were manufactured by German and Japanese companies, and in response to this, General Motors of the United States came up with its own line of compact automobiles, doing so under the name of Saturn.


Saturn cars adopted the smaller, space-saving features of compact cars like those of Honda and Toyota, but they incorporate the American tradition of enjoyable transportation by including sunroofs. This tradition, however, does not come without issue, the most common of which is the sunroof jamming. This results in a sunroof that does not open or close, and may end up stuck in a half open, half closed position.


Jamming is caused by a number of reasons, but happens mainly as a result of something blocking the modules from rolling smoothly. If an object is situated on the track which the sunroof uses to open and close, and the power of the sunroof's motion is not enough to push past it, the roof will become stuck, unable to move past the point which is being blocked. Sunroofs can also cease to function as a result of electrical issues in which the sunroof stops responding to the push of buttons which tell it to open or close.


While professional repair by a certified Saturn mechanic is recommended, there are also kits available for purchase that sometimes allow you to unjam the sunroof and get it back to working order. If you decide to make use of a self-repair kit, proceed with caution, as you may void your warranty or cause further damage which can result in a more costly repair.

Consumer Response

When it comes to sunroof issues, Saturn owners are more open towards fixing the problems on their own, rather than seeking professional help. This can be attributed to the fact that sunroofs are more of an add-on feature which the warranty doesn't always cover. Saturn users who experience sunroof jamming normally rely on repair kits and perform troubleshooting procedures by themselves as opposed to using a professional mechanic.


Experiencing sunroof problems can result in major headaches for Saturn owners. Along with the annoyance of being unable to control the opening and closing of the sunroof itself, owners are also subject to interior damage if stuck in an open position. The interior of the car may experience excessive damage from the sun, or become blemished from rain. Sunroof issues that occur as a result of electrical problems can also be warning signs for oncoming major electrical issues which can be repaired in a more cost effective manner if caught early.

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