How Does a Power Sunroof Work?

by Jason Medina

Manual Control

An automotive power sunroof operates via push-button or switch activation from inside a vehicle. Normally, a power sunroof control is located either directly on the vehicle dashboard or on the center console. The power sunroof control is operated to either open or close the sunroof.

Power Sunroof Electrically Powered

A power sunroof, along with all of the other vehicle accessories, is operated by electrical power supplied by the vehicle battery. A small network of electrical wires carry electrical current directly to the sunroof switch, which in turn controls the flow of current that allows the sunroof to be opened or closed.

Power Sunroof Motor

A small motorized part is what mechanically opens and closes a power sunroof. Attached to the actual sunroof are small rods, which in turn are attached to the sunroof motor at the opposite end. When the sunroof motor is activated, the motor spins, which in turn pushes or retracts the rods connected to the sunroof. This is what allows the sunroof to either open or close.

Power Sunroof Repair/Parts

A power sunroof is a self-contained unit that does not require any set maintenance schedule. However, problems can appear in relation to the sunroof motor, the electrical wiring or the sunroof itself. Replacement parts can be obtained at an automotive parts shop or at the car dealer warehouse.

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