Saturn Cars & Ignition Problems

by Andrea Stein
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Introduced in 1999, Saturn cars, manufactured by the Saturn Corporation, were designed in response to the popularity of Japanese-brand imports in the United States. Saturn cars can suffer from ignition problems that you can potentially resolve with some time and detective work.

Bad Lock Cylinder

The tumblers in a Saturn lock cylinder can wear out prematurely, causing the key to stick in the ignition or the engine to continue running after removal of the key. Replace the lock cylinder to solve the starting problem.

Bad Ignition Switch

Internal wear or corrosion to the Saturn ignition switch, which enables the battery to transmit electricity to the starter motor, can result in the electrical contacts failing to connect properly, often causing the Saturn not to start. Check the ignition switch for signs of damage or wear, and replace it as needed.

Bad Clutch Interlock Switch

The clutch interlock switch in a Saturn, which allows the driver to activate the starter without pushing in the clutch, can fail, causing the Saturn not to start. If the car starts in neutral but will not start when you depress the clutch to shift gears, a bad interlock switch is to blame, and you should replace it.

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