S10 Fender Removal

by Robert Good

The Chevy S-10 pickup truck is a small, two-door truck with a four-cylinder engine. The fenders are on the front right and left sides of the engine compartment on the outside of the truck and help protect the engine and frame while concealing the metal frame of the truck. You need a basic knowledge of the body work on this truck to correctly remove the fenders from the frame, as well as the correct tools.

Step 1

Loosen the nuts on both front wheels using the cross lug wrench. Lift the front end of the S-10 off the ground using the jack. Place the two jack stands under the right and left side of the frame just behind the front wheels. Lower the front end of the truck onto the two adjustable jack stands.

Step 2

Remove the wheel nuts from both of the front wheels using the cross lug wrench. Pull the front wheels off the frame and set the wheels aside.

Step 3

Remove the bolts from the plastic wheel well cover using the ratchet set and remove the cover from the frame of the S-10. Remove the bolts from behind the door frame, along the upper edge of the fender, next to the bumper and next to the radiator, using the ratchet set.

Open the hood of the S-10 and remove the bolts from along the upper edge of the engine compartment that are located where the hood connects to the frame on the side. Once you remove the last bolt, have your assistant pull the fender off or it will just fall and get damaged.

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