How to Remove the Front Fender on a Ford F-250

by Robert Good

The Ford F-250 looks like the Ford F-150, but is much bigger. The front fender is connected to the frame of the Ford F-250 by metal bolts and plastic locking pins connected to the frame. This is a simple project--it should take you about 20 minutes to remove the right and the left front fenders from the frame of the Ford F-250.

Step 1

Remove the wheel nuts from the front right tire with the tire tool. Lift the front right side of the Ford F-250 with the jack. Remove the front right tire from the Ford F-250. Remove the Phillips head screws with the Phillips head screw driver from the plastic wheel well cover and remove the cover from the wheel well.

Step 2

Locate the securing nuts inside the wheel well that hold the front right fender in place on the frame. Remove the securing nuts with the ratchet set. Use the flat head screwdriver to pry off the plastic locking pins inside the wheel well as well. Set the pins and screws aside in a safe place.

Step 3

Open the hood. Locate the securing bolt and plastic locking pins along the edge of the engine compartment. The bolts and pins will be on the edge where the right side edge of the hood rests on the frame. Remove the pins and bolt the same way that you removed the pins and bolts from inside the wheel well.

Step 4

Lift upon the right front fender and pull it outward to remove the front right fender from the frame. Place the front right fender on a padded surface out of the way.

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