Road Safety Poster Ideas

by Eric Benac

Driving safely helps keep everyone safe from accidents, injury and death. However, when you are teaching driver's education it can be difficult to get this across to your students. They may listen and mean well, but they often let their thoughts wander. Decorate your classroom with road safety posters. These posters may catch the eyes of students and unconsciously focus their minds on learning road safety.

Advice Posters

Advice posters are useful aids in giving out advice that students may not fully absorb during your lessons. For example, the poster could have an image of a young girl standing looking at a busy highway. Underneath the picture, you could have the words "Pedestrians always have the right away. Let's them get across right away." You could also have posters about specific laws or signs that are confusing or easy to ignore. For example, a poster of a yield sign could help your students understand this easily confused sign. Have a picture of the yield sign in the center of the poster with text underneath the picture. The advice could be something like "Yield signs are not the same as stops signs. Slow down, observe and stop only if necessary." Ask your students about any driving law or sign that confuses them and make the poster for them to take home and put up in their bedroom.

Statistics Posters

Another simple idea for a road safety poster is to put statistics on the poster. For example, you could have a poster charting out accident statistics over the past 10 years. This can be charted using a line graph and can be a helpful illustration for the changes in accidents over the years. Another simple idea is to use the statistics to be frightening. For example, place a picture of a group of people in a car. Make sure the people are smiling and laughing. Above the picture, you can have the phrase "Last year so and so percentage people were killed while driving with friends." Underneath the picture, write the phrase "Don't be a statistic." These types of posters are useful if you want to warn your students, but not as harshly as posters graphically depicting accidents.

Graphic Posters

Many people remember the graphic videos they were forced to watch in driver's training. There is a good reason why these videos were so memorable: they showed unflinching portrayals of the results of car accidents. Graphic posters can have the same effect on your students. In fact, hanging them up in the classroom makes them a constant presence that can be hard to ignore. Place at least one poster on each wall of the room. These graphic posters will reminds your students of the power of automobiles and the tragic results that occur when one goes out of control. Always okay the posters with the parents of the students and the school administration. Putting up posters that are too graphic can offend the children and parents, causing a problem with the school.

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