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How to Reset the Oil and Engine Light on a BMW X5 2003 Using the Ignition

by Katebo

You can reset the oil and engine lights on your 2003 BMW X5 using the ignition key. Most people think you need to take your BMW to the dealership to have your car serviced and the lights reset, but you don't. It's a simple fix you can do right in your home garage. The Check Oil and Service Engine Soon lights illuminate on the vehicle's instrument panel when the OBD, or on-board diagnostics, computer reads a trouble code sent from sensors positioned throughout the vehicle. Although you need to use an OBD scanner read the codes, you don't need one to reset the lights and turn them off.

Sit in the driver's seat, close the door and fasten your seat belt.

Press the odometer button with your left thumb while simultaneously putting the key into the ignition and turning it to the "Accessory" position.

Keep pressing down on the odometer button until the light on the dashboard starts to flash and the word "Reset" appears.

Let go of the odometer button, then push it in again and hold it.

Let go of the button for the last time and look for five green lights to appear on the dash to let you know the system has been reset.

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