How to Reset a Toyota Matrix Car Alarm

by John Smith
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The Matrix is Toyota's compact five door hatchback. It comes with a preinstalled security alarm system that goes off when someone breaks into the car or enters in an unauthorized way. Once the alarm is engaged, the Matrix horn will beep to notify those within range of a possible theft. Toyota owners can reset the alarm once it goes off by using the wireless remote that controls the door locking system, or the Matrix ignition key.

Step 1

Press and hold the panic button to shut off the panic alarm. This button is on the right of the remote and has a horn with three lines. You can also press any of the other buttons on the remote to stop the matrix horn.

Step 2

Press the unlock button on the Matrix remote twice within three seconds to unlock the doors. Alternatively, put the key into the driver side door and turn clockwise to unlock the door.

Step 3

Put the key into the ignition and turn it clockwise. When the ignition is set to any position than the base off position, the alarm system will be disabled. You can drive the car without fear of the alarm going off. When you are done using the Matrix, remove the key from ignition and exit the car.

Step 4

Press the lock button on the Matrix remote twice to lock all the car doors, or put the key in the driver side door and turn it counterclockwise to lock the car doors. The headlights will flash a single time to tel you the doors are locked and the alarm system is reset. If you close all the doors to the vehicle and don't open them again for 60 seconds, the doors will automatically lock and the alarm system will be reset.

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