How to Reset the Speedometor on a Chevy Silverado

by Jessica Best

Resetting the Silverado speedometer may be necessary if it becomes stuck after a malfunction. In this case, the speedometer is rendered virtually useless since you rely on it to adjust your speed to obey the speed limits on residential roads and highways. This can be very hazardous to you as well as other drivers.

Step 1

Remove the cover from the instrument cluster by gently pulling the side by the driver door and releasing the brackets.

Step 2

Unscrew the screws with an 8 mm wrench. The screws are located on each corner of the glass portion of the cluster.

Step 3

Pull the speedometer portion out gently and disconnect the cable from the back.

Step 4

Pull gently on the brackets holding the glass onto the speedometer until the glass comes off.

Step 5

Push the speedometer needle down to "0." The speedometer will now be reset.

Step 6

Put the brackets back on the glass cover for the speedometer.

Step 7

Connect the wire back into the speedometer and gently push the instrument cluster back into the slot. This is easier to do when the steering wheel is all the way down and the Silverado is in first gear.

Step 8

Insert the screws back into the holes, located at each corner, with the 8 mm wrench.

Step 9

Push the cover back onto the instrument cluster by lining up all of the brackets.

Step 10

Press hard on the entire cover to ensure that all the brackets are in place.

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