How to Remove Chevy Astro Door Panel

by Don Bowman

Chevy Astro door panels are secured by trim fasteners on both sides, as well as the bottom of the door panel. These fasteners are plastic plugs with shards on their shank. The fasteners are pressed into predrilled holes in the door. Care should be taken when removing these fasteners so they do not break; however, if they do break, every auto parts store carries replacements. The removal process is an easy one, and can be accomplished with little or no automotive experience.

Step 1

Remove the two screw concealment caps located on the arm rest by prying the caps off with a common screwdriver. Remove the two screws, using the number 30 Torx driver. Remove the single Phillips-head screw from the inside door handle cover. Remove the cover.

Step 2

Insert the common screwdriver between the door panel and the door, at the lower rear of the door. Slide the screwdriver up around the door panel to pry out all the trim fasteners as they are contacted. Lift the door panel slightly to release the door panel from the top door sill.

Step 3

Move the door panel away from the door, enough to reach behind the door and unplug the power window switch connector. Remove the panel.

Step 4

Install the door panel by plugging in the window switch. Align the trim fasteners with the holes in the door and press the fasteners in.

Step 5

Install the two screws in the arm rest, using the Torx driver. Install the door handle cover and the single screw that secures it.

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