How to Reset the Service Light in an Infiniti I35

by Richard Ristow
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An Infiniti's I35's diagnostic system can detect certain problems with the vehicle; when a malfunction occurs, this system issues a fault code. The "Service Engine" light is a result of that fault. Disconnecting a car's battery will sometimes clear a "Service Engine" light, but doing so can also mess up saved settings in other electrical components. In addition, simply shutting off the light means potentially ignoring a problem with the vehicle. The best way to reset the light is by using a diagnostic scanner; this way, you can check the codes first then reset the light.

Step 1

Turn the Infiniti off if it is running. Leave the key in the ignition.

Step 2

Look under the dash and steering wheel and locate the black On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) outlet.

Step 3

Connect an OBD scanner to this port, then turn the scanner on.

Step 4

Turn the key in ignition to will start the Infiniti's diagnostic system. It may take a few seconds before data flows from the Infiniti to the scanner.

Step 5

Note the fault code, then clear the system once the fault code shows on the scanner's screen. While the orientation and configuration of scanners vary by brand, there should be a dedicated "Clear" button.

Step 6

Disconnect the scanner, then turn the Infiniti off.

Step 7

Turn the Infiniti back on and look at the instrument panel. The "Service Engine" light should be dark.

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