How to Reset the Maintenance Required Light on a Honda Accord

by Jody L. Campbell
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The maintenance required light on the Honda Accord is designed to remind the owner that a maintenance service, primarily an oil change, is due on the vehicle. It is set to trip at certain mileage intervals as long as it's reset when the service is performed. The Accord has been around since 1976, and depending on its year, different procedures are required to reset the light. From the late 1990s until now, the procedure remains the same.

Early to Mid 1990s Honda Accord

Step 1

Locate the key slot to the left of the maintenance required light.

Step 2

Insert the ignition key into the slot to depress the internal reset button.

Step 3

Remove the ignition key and insert it into the ignition.

Start the Honda Accord to ensure the reset procedure worked. The maintenance required light should be out.

Mid 1990s to Present Honda Accord

Step 1

Depress and hold the select/reset button on the right of the instrument panel beneath the odometer reading.

Step 2

Insert the ignition key into the ignition while continuing to to hold the select/reset button.

Step 3

Turn the ignition key to the power accessory position. This will illuminate all the lights on the instrument panel without the engine running.

Continue to hold down the select/reset button until the maintenance required light goes out. On some year models, the light may blink once before going out.

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