How to Reset the Security Code for Your Radio in a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

by Sam Smith
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As a theft deterrent system, Mitsubishi programs its car radios with a 4-digit code that locks the audio system when tampered with. Trouble is that sometimes the system locks up even on legitimate owners, leaving them without the ability to play compact discs or use the radio.

If you see a prompt that reads "Code," don't sweat it, the user manual should contain a reset code. If no manual is available, Mitsubishi hosts a website which will send you the code as long as you have your vehicle's VIN and the radio's model and serial numbers.

Locate and reset the lock code

Step 1

Locate 2001 your original Galant owners manual. Note that it must be the one that came with your vehicle; replacement manuals will not have the appropriate code.

Step 2

Insert key into ignition and set to "ON" or "RUN" position. Turn on radio.

Step 3

Enter 4-digit code that appears in owners manual by depressing preset buttons on the radio deck.

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