How to Reset Your Oil Level With OnStar

by Jennifer Hudock

OnStar, a General Motors-specific service, keeps you safe and connected while on the road and provides you diagnostic notifications about the performance of your vehicle. Monitoring your oil with OnStar will help keep you on top of importance maintenance that will prolong the life and quality of your car's engine. Once you have changed the oil in your car, it is essential that your reset the oil level in OnStar so you know exactly when to take your car in for its next oil change.

Step 1

Turn the ignition in your vehicle so the engine is running.

Step 2

Visit the "NAV/DIC" control panel in your vehicle and choose "Info."

Step 3

Click on "Oil Life" in the "Info" menu and choose the "Reset" option.

Step 4

Hold the "Reset" button in until the percentage reads 100 percent. The percentage will lower as you drive, growing closer to your next oil change.

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