How to Reset an Oil Change Warning on a Ford Freestyle

by Jody L. Campbell

When the Ford Freestyle needs an oil change, a light on the message center remains illuminated with the warning, "Oil Life 0%." A Ford technician typically resets the warning light following service at a dealership. Workers at other service centers may not know how to reset the light. In such cases, and for do-it-yourself oil-change enthusiasts, knowing how to reset the light is helpful.

Step 1

Place the key in the ignition and turn it two positions forward to the accessory power position. This activates all the electrical options in the Freestyle and illuminates all the instrument-cluster warning lights, but does not start the engine.

Step 2

Locate the message center's control buttons on the right side of the steering wheel's center panel.

Step 3

Press the "Setup" button and hold until "System Check" is displayed on the message center.

Step 4

Press the "Reset" button, located next to the "Setup" button. The message "Oil Life % Hold Reset New" will be displayed on the message center.

Step 5

Press the "Reset" button again and hold it for about two seconds, until "If New Oil Hold Reset" is displayed on the message center.

Step 6

Press the "Reset" button for a third time and hold it again until "Oil Life Set To 100%" is displayed on the message center. The oil change system warning light has been reset. Start the engine to ensure the "Oil Life 0%" is no longer illuminated on the instrument cluster.

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