How to Reset a Change Oil Light on a Saturn

by Elizabeth Arnold
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A Saturn's change oil indicator light is not automatically reset when the oil change is complete. You need to manually reset the oil life meter. Saturn models from 1991 through 2003 feature a reset button located within the fuse box in the engine compartment. Saturn models from 2003 on need to be reset manually by using the trip/reset button located on the face of the display. No tools are required to complete this simple task.

Step 1

Turn the ignition to the "on" position without starting the Saturn. When done correctly, chimes will ring and the display will light up.

Step 2

Find the reset button located within the fuse box in the engine compartment of Saturn models from 1991 to 2003. These models include the S-Series and early L-series. Once the fuse box is open, press the oil-r button for five seconds.

Step 3

Press the reset/trip button located on the display face inside the Saturn Ion and Relay models until the oil life display is present. Press the trip/reset button down until you hear chimes and the oil life display resets to 100 percent.

Step 4

Press and release the gas pedal three times within five seconds on Saturn Vue and late model L-Series vehicles. The display light will flash a few times to indicate that it has been reset.

Step 5

Start the vehicle. If the procedure was done correctly, the oil indicator will either be at 100 percent or the light will have disappeared.

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