How to Report Bad Drivers With Government Vehicles

by Kristy Barkan

If you witness a driver wielding a government vehicle in a reckless manner, you have the ability to report it to the U.S. General Services Administration. The GSA handles the government fleet and has a system in place specifically to receive and deal with reports of vehicle misuse. The process is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Create a new email message and address it to

Put "government vehicle driving report" in the subject header to ensure that your message is directed to the proper channel.

Detail the vehicle activity that caused you to contact GSA. Be as specific as you can in describing what you witnessed the government vehicle doing. Outline any reckless, illegal or suspicious activity that roused your concern.

Include the name and telephone number of the government agency responsible for the vehicle, if you know it. The agency associated with an unmarked government vehicle can be identified by referencing the one- to four-letter prefix in the license plate with the U.S. Government license plate key given in the resources section.

List the date and time of the incident. Try to be as accurate as you can if you're making an estimate.

Provide the precise location where the incident occurred. List any relevant cross streets or landmarks.

Describe the government vehicle in detail. Note the color and model of car, and include a physical description of the driver and any passengers. If you were able to take down the full license plate number, include it and double check that you typed it correctly before sending the email.

Conclude the message with your name and contact information. If you wish to remain anonymous, omit these details and send the email as it is.

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