Replacing a Cabin Air Filter in a Mercury Milan

by Lee Sallings

The cabin air filter in your Mercury Milan keeps pollen, dust and other allergens from entering the passenger compartment through the outside air vents. As a normal part of your yearly maintenance routine, you should replace this filter to keep the air in your Mercury fresh and clean. Replacement of this filter only takes a few minutes and requires no tools, and a new filter is available at most auto parts stores.

Remove the glove box by opening the door and depressing the two locking tabs on either side of the box. Unsnap the small tether that retracts the glove box door and slide the glove box toward you and out of the dash.

Unlatch the plastic cover labeled "FilterAccess" by pressing the release tabs and pulling the top of the cover toward you. It's located in the evaporator case behind the glove box. The area behind the glove box is very compact, and it may take some maneuvering to remove the filter cover completely.

Slide the old filter out of the evaporator case and bend the right corner of the filter down to clear the dash to remove it fully. Slide the new filter into the evaporator case. Reinstall the access cover and press in on it until the tabs snap into place.

Slide the glove box into the dash until the locking tabs snap into place. Reattach the tether. Close the glove box.

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