How to Get a Replacement Ignition Key for a Chrysler

by Susanne Koenig
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Losing an ignition key can be particularly frustrating, but needn't be a great hassle to replace, especially for your Chrysler. The important thing to determine is what kind of key your car requires to start. If it is a pre-1990s model, a simple old-fashioned standard key can be purchased inexpensively from a dealership. However, more modern cars require electronic keys known as transponder, or "coded," keys which emit a unique frequency attuned to your car's ignition switch. Naturally, a transponder key requires a bit more effort to replace. Depending on what sort of services you need--ignition repair or just a key replacement--will determine who you call and what sort of service to expect.

Step 1

Call the dealership and ask what sort of key you need. Ask them how long it will take and how much it will cost to replace your key. A couple of hours should be expected, as each coded key still needs to be cut like a standard key. Generally, coded keys cost a little over $100.

Step 2

Call an automotive locksmith if you are unsatisfied with either the price or the time alloted to replace your key through the dealership. Many will come to your car and check your ignition as well as deliver your key in a timely fashion. Automotive locksmiths are best if getting to the dealership is a major inconvenience and may be much cheaper than towing a car with an ignition that needs to be repaired.

Step 3

Order your key. An automotive locksmith may be able to deliver it to you directly on site and will check to see if it is working and service your ignition as well. If you use a dealership, be sure to try the new keys in your Chrysler and make sure that they work. If not, the dealership may have coded the key incorrectly.

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