How to Replace a Window in a Pickup

by Eli Laurens
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Pickup truck window systems use a standardized window regulator to raise and lower the glass. These can be manual cranking units or electrically powered, but will generally need replacement after several years of use. The average backyard mechanic can complete this repair in about an hour.

Step 1

Remove the door panel. There are typically several screws underneath the armrest and one inside the door handle. Once removed, the panel can be pulled free of the plastic pop rivets holding it in place.

Step 2

Locate the glass being held by the window regulator. The mechanical assembly that is used to raise and lower the window is collectively called a window regulator, and this standardized part can be replaced entirely or be repaired. The window glass itself is held in place with the "rails", or tracks that keep the glass centered when in motion. Some models of pickups will have small holes in the bottom of the glass for connecting it to the regulator, but this is rare.

Step 3

Remove the glass from the window regulator. There are clips that hold the glass to the rails, and these can be metal or plastic. Removing these with a screwdriver will free the glass, and it can be removed.

Step 4

Replace the glass into the regulator. The glass will slide into place, and can be held with the plastic or metal clips that were re-used from the old window. Test the movement of the glass, and be sure it operates properly.

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