How to Replace a Toyota Window Motor

by Eli Laurens
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Toyota automobiles are manufactured with electric power windows that use a regulator to move the glass inside of the door. This regulator is turned by a small bipolar motor, which can wear out and eventually fail. The average backyard mechanic can replace a window motor in a Toyota in about 30 minutes.

Step 1

Unscrew the door handle trim by turning the one or two screws in a counterclockwise direction. Remove the handle trim.

Step 2

Remove the arm rest by turning the bolts on the bottom in a counterclockwise direction, and pull the power window switches' cover and adapter plugs free. Remove the power window switches and set them aside. Remove the arm rest, if applicable.

Step 3

Pull the door panel free by starting at one corner and firmly pulling the retainer pop rivets free of the mount holes in the door's metal. The rivets are plastic and may break and require replacement, especially after years of wear. Set the panel away from the work area.

Step 4

Disconnect the electric motor at the bottom of the window regulator by pulling its electrical adapter plug from both sides. The window motor has two or three bolts that hold it to the regulator, and a meshed gear set in the rear. Turning these bolts counterclockwise will release the motor, but be sure to pull it directly away from the regulator to properly separate the gears.

Step 5

Install a new motor into the location by pressing it into the gear area first, making sure to line up the gears on the motor to those of the window regulator. Tighten the bolts in a clockwise direction, then replace the adapter plug.

Step 6

Replace the door panel by pressing it against the metal door frame until all pop rivets are properly seated. Some rivets will be difficult to line up, and pressing firmly may be required.

Step 7

Reattach the arm rest, power switches, and door handle trim to their respective locations. The power switches will need to have their adapter plug inserted prior to pressing them into the door panel.

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