How to Replace a Toyota Highlander Window Regulator

by Allen Moore

The Toyota Highlander sport utility vehicle has four doors, each with its own power window components, including a window regulator. The regulator mounts to the inside of the door and holds the window glass in the window channel, moving it up and down in that channel in reaction to the behavior of the window motor. Wear and tear will take its toll on the window regulator over time, leading to malfunction. When your Highlander experiences a window regulator failure, if you have basic auto repair skills you can replace the window regulator in approximately 60 minutes.

Step 1

Extract the power window switch bezel assembly from the Highlander's door using the trim tool. Grip the wiring connector in the base of the switch and unplug it from the switch.

Step 2

Remove the screws from the perimeter of the door panel using the Phillips screwdriver. Lift the panel up and off the Highlander's door by hand.

Step 3

Reach through the door's interior access holes, exposed when you remove the door panel, and grab the base of the window glass. Lift the glass as high as it will go and attach it to the top of the Highlander's door with packing tape.

Step 4

Remove the bolts attaching the window regulator to the window motor, door and window glass using the socket set. Remove the regulator through the largest door access hole by hand.

Step 5

Move the new window regulator through the door access hole and into position manually. Bolt the new regulator to the Highlander's door, window motor and window glass.

Step 6

Reinstall the Highlander's door panel and window switch assembly in reverse of how it was removed.

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