Instructions on How to Remove a Toyota Tacoma Door Panel

by Rex Molder
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The door panel of a Toyota Tacoma serves the dual purpose of protecting components located inside the door, such as the window and door latch mechanisms, and providing a mounting point for items such as the widow controls and door lock mechanisms. You must remove the door panel to access these components. The exact procedure will differ, depending on whether you Tacoma is equipped with power or manual windows and locks. This article applies specifically to 1995-2004 Tacomas, but should work for later models as well.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery cable. This is particularly important if your Tacoma has power windows and doors, but is something that you should always do when working on the truck.

Step 2

Skip to Step 3 if you have power windows. Insert a shop towel between the handle and door of your Tacoma with manual windows. Pull up on the towel at the point where the handle connects to the door to release the snap ring. Remove the snap ring and pull the handle straight off of its shaft.

Step 3

Pry off the covers over the two screws on the arm rest to access them. Remove the screws and pull the arm rest off the door.

Step 4

Remove the single screw that attaches the handle to the door. Slide the handle toward the front of the truck to remove it.

Step 5

Remove the power window/lock panel if you have one, by carefully prying it up on both sides. Pull it out of the door and disconnect the electrical connector.

Step 6

Use an Allen wrench to remove the single trim panel screw at the top-front edge of the trim panel.

Step 7

Insert a flat object, such as a screwdriver or putty knife, between the trim panel and the door frame, to pry off the panel. There are 12 retainer clips to disconnect, four each on the left and right sides and the panel bottom. Pull the trim panel free from the door.

Step 8

Access the door's inner parts by peeling back the plastic water shield.

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