How to Replace a Toyota Corolla Cigarette Lighter

by Robert Ceville

Whenever your Toyota Corolla's cigarette lighter will not take a charge from the power outlet anymore, it is time to replace it. Sometimes the lighter will go bad, keeping its coils from the charge needed in order to heat up so that it can light your cigarettes.Only replace the cigarette lighter with a Toyota brand, or an equivalent, so that it receives the right amount of heat.

Step 1

Identify the cigarette lighter and power source that is located directly above and in front of the gear shift knob. The lighter will be round in shape, and either black or grey in color.

Step 2

Place your thumb and your index finger around the lip of the lighter, and pull the lighter towards you. This will remove the dead lighter from its socket so that a new one can be put in its place.

Step 3

Insert the replacement lighter into the power socket by pushing the metallic end of the device into the hole that you removed the dead one from. After pushing it in all the way, you will be able to use it when you are ready to use it again.

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