F150 2005 Wiper Fuse Location

by Thomas West
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Although the Ford F-Series trucks had been around since the late 1940s, the F-150 nameplate did not surface until 1975 as a heavier-duty version of the F-100. Eventually, F-150 sales surpassed the F-100 and the F-150 name stuck. The F-150 was restyled in 2004, so little changed on the 2005 models. Fuses located in the fuse box protect the electrical circuits of the 2005 F-150. If the windshield wipers or any other electrical components stop working, check the fuse to make sure it has not burnt out.

Step 1

Open the passenger-side front door. Locate the access panel for the fuse box under the dashboard.

Step 2

Pull the access panel away from the dashboard until the built-in clips release. Place the panel aside.

Step 3

Locate the pull-tab on the fuse box cover revealed after removing the access panel.

Step 4

Place a finger behind the pull tab. Place your thumb on the fuse box cover just above to tab. Pull the tab straight out while keeping pressure with your thumb. Remove the cover from the fuse box when it releases and place it aside.

Step 5

Locate the combination windshield wiper and windshield wiper washer fuse in position number 113, which is third up from the bottom on the far right-hand side of the fuse box.

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